God’s Pure Words Of Compassion, With No Man’s Thoughts Or Beliefs Added To Them.

We serve those who have experienced pain and hardship; and those in need of hope, love and joy.

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I’ve been hurt by the religious people in my life. They said they were Christians, but acted in so many ways that were so unlike Christ. They gossiped, they rejected me, they didn’t show compassion or understanding, and they didn’t even want to talk or get to know me or my heart. They made snap judgements, and accusations and false accusations. They slandered and lied.

I expected everything opposite of that.  That doesn’t look like Jesus at all, it didn’t sound like what he said or the heart of what he intended. For what I know of the heart of Jesus was for people – for all of us. To love each other as he loved us… READ MORE

Find Peace and Relief from Stress and Chaos

Find Hope and Relief from Pain and Powerlessness

Find Freedom and Relief from Stress and Anxiety about Money

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